Leg Problems

Are Leg Problems Serious?

There are many different types of leg problems that can occur, and some of them are very serious. Others are just part of changes in the body as it is stretching and growing. That is why children often talk about pain in their legs. This is often referred to as growing pains and they go away in a few minutes. Eating a well balanced diet and increasing the intake of calcium can help to offset them.

Sometimes leg problems are the result of a person falling down or being in some type of accident. The leg may need some time to heal up properly. If there is pain, changes in the appearance of the leg, or bruising it should be reviewed by a doctor. A simple x-ray can show if anything is broken or not.

One of the most serious types of leg problems has to do with poor circulation. Individuals that are overweight, that don’t exercise, and that have serious health problems including diabetes are at the highest risk. When there isn’t proper circulation in the body the blood will have a harder time getting to the extremities of the body.

When the legs feel heavy, weak, and achy even after you have rested there is a good chance your arteries are clogged in that area of the body. Such leg problems mean that not enough blood is being able to get into your leg and foot. Generally this condition only occurs in one leg but it may affect both at the same time.

If the area around the leg is hot to the touch or swollen, it could be an indicator of a blood clot. This is a very serious condition and can result in death if proper medical attention isn’t given. It may be necessary to spend a few days in the hospital to get it taken care of. Never take a risk with such possible health problems as the longer you wait the harder it will be to solve it.

An infection can be caused by a cut or sore that doesn’t heal up well. If there is any part of the leg that is swollen, has an open lesion that has lingered, it smells bad, or there is fluid oozing out of it then you need to take the matter seriously. Get to a doctor immediately so they can evaluate the situation. The last thing you want is a serious internal problem to battle or to lose your leg.

Sometimes parents will notice leg problems in their children. A deformity such as the way a leg points or the size of it is noticed. One may be different from the other instead of them being symmetrical. The child may not be trying to pull himself up or to take steps which is natural with the various stages of development.

This can indicate some type of bone structure problem. A specialist is who your own doctor will likely refer you to for an in depth evaluation. There can be many reasons for this type of situation to occur. That is why an array of tests have to be performed before a diagnosis can be completed.

Since there are so many possibilities when it comes to leg problems give yourself some peace of mind. If you or someone you know is affected by various problems in the legs it is time to get it checked out. Your doctor can do an assessment, a physical exam, and even various forms of testing to find out what is going on. Many leg problems are nothing serious but you should find out for sure.